Tahoe Dental Seminars presents

Common Sense Occlusion

Something is happening to patients mouths
that can destroy their mouths and your success

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March 7-8 By Dr.Donald Reid DDs

7 Mar Thursday / 8 Mar Friday

Doctor $1,500

Team (Spouse/Assistant/Hygienist) $175 each first three/$100 each for all additional


Casual. We will be working as teams on each other (exams/splint making)

Day 1

7:30 – 8:30Continental Breakfast
8:30 – NoonMorning session
Noon – 1pmLunch at Center
1:00 – 4:30Afternoon session
4:30 – 5:30Afterglow (wine, beer, light fare)

Day 2

7:30 – 8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:00 – Noon Morning session
Noon – 1pm Lunch at Center
1:00 – 4:00 Afternoon Session

Course Location


The Cedar House/Sport Hotel
10918 Brockway Rd
Truckee, California 96161
Dental Office for hands on: To be announced at meeting



Phone: Please call 866.582.5655 for special call rate
Email: Stay@cedarhousesporthotel.com

Join Dr. Don Reid for a 2-day hands-on seminar experience that is designed to help you and your team help patients in ways beyond their wildest imagination.

A common-sense approach in examinations, evaluation and diagnosis may include mounting casts with a face-bow, using a de-programmer device and getting accurate bite records that fit your comfort level. Photography is utilized so your patients can visualize your concerns for themselves. Case discussions revolve around what’s happening to your patients’ mouths and what is required for long term success.

The solution for clinical success and occlusal design is the same whether a single crown, multiple unit bridge, appliance or full arch restoration recommended for patients with destructive occlusions. Patients are looking for solutions and will accept suggested treatment when they feel you have their best interest at heart.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to perform the most comprehensive examination a patient has ever experienced and why its required
  • Gain confidence taking bite records using manipulation, Lucia jigs or anterior de-programmers
  • Discover how to help patients think beyond their current situation and describe what they would prefer which places you in position to tell them what’s possible for them
  • Understand how to create records for further analysis with confidence and efficiency
  • Explore how photography and other visual learning tools enable patient’s desires to control future needless dentistry and choose your treatment suggestions
  • Know how to mount casts for further analysis
  • Understand the main elements for stable occlusions and eliminate occlusion confusion forever!
  • Identify when an occlusal equilibration is needed and how to perform it
  • Evaluate how to sequence your treatment plan over time to ensure the plan doesn’t change
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Topics and Exercises

  • How do you see your probable dental future and what would you prefer it to look like?
  • Making the anterior bite plane appliance
  • Who are your current patients and how do they find you?
  • Deciding which appliance is right for the patient
  • Clinical examination of joints, muscles and teeth
  • Case examples for personal and group discussions on treatment planning
  • Using photography and other visual learning tools to teach
  • Evaluating occlusions on mounted casts
  • Photography as a tool for planning and teaching
  • Understanding occlusal equilibration and observing one live
  • Facebows and bite records
  • The team setting goals for your dream practice
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Workshop Type

Workshop Type

2-Day Lecture/Hands-On

Workshop Audience

Workshop Audience

Doctors and team members



Participants should bring an accurate
model of their own mouth.

About Dr. Donald Reid, DDS

Dr. Don Reid earned his BS in Chemistry at UCLA /1974 and dental degree at Temple University/ 1978. He served as an enlisted Marine in Vietnam in 1968 and a Naval officer from 1978-81. After practicing in a remote desert town from 81-96, he moved to Lake Tahoe and established TahoeDentalArtistry in 1996. Don’s focus is adult esthetics and restorative dentistry, implant surgery and sleep dentistry with an emphasis on occlusion or a comfortable stable bite.

Don is a graduate of the Dawson Academy, Piper TMJ Institute and Misch International Implant Institute. He’s a long-standing member of DOCS and past affiliations include faculty club member at Spear Education, staff selection consultant for Gallup and AACD member. Don was awarded Fellowship status with the International College of Oral Implantology in 2002.

As a founder of the Academy of Microscope Dentistry, microscopedentistry.com, Dr. Reid’s use of a dental operating microscope for routine dentistry enables him to perform his ‘Art’ with an increased precision.

He co-created and developed dental software called BiteFX, which is being used in 40 countries to help dentists and dental students understand the complexities of bite problems which include headaches, sore jaws, teeth grinding and unnecessary tooth loss. Conservative estimates are that millions of women needlessly suffer with chronic headaches from a bad bite! Don lectures throughout the USA and internationally to assist his colleagues in gaining the confidence and skills to solve these universal problems.

The bedrock of the practice is helping others have optimum oral health.

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